Your Most Successful Court Case?

The one that never even gets to court.

For medico-legal litigation solicitors seeking informed, accurate and expertly presented medication related analysis.

26 Years’ Experience of Medicines, Drugs and Therapeutics

It’s experience and expertise that I turn into timely, concise, accurate reports and counter reports. Reports delivered in plain English. Reports that I back up in court. Reports that I stake my professional reputation on.

A Rare Talent

It’s a rare talent these days – a breadth of pharmaceutical expertise that covers the entire medication process from prescribing, dispensing and administration of medications, to the monitoring of their effects. An expert with experience in understanding what can go wrong throughout all of these steps

Anything to do with the medication process, from start to finish. Was the right medication prescribed/dispensed? What about other conditions the patient has? At the right dose? What are the side effects? Were these recognised? What about other interacting drugs? Was the medication effective? Was it harmful? What harms were caused? What are the lasting effects of any errors made?

In the age of the single subject specialist it’s a decisive talent too – the difference between a clinical negligence litigation success or failure. As medical specialities become narrower and narrower, you need an expert who understands the whole patient and the effects of medication on them as such.

A hard to rival talent that you’ll find difficult to source elsewhere.

Maybe that’s why so many medico-legal litigation solicitors are now turning to me for my advice. Or why I’m retained by high street pharmacy retailers to act in their defence.I’ve spoken at national and international multi-disciplinary healthcare events on the subject of medication errors.

The Right Expert Witness

When using an expert witness you need to make sure you have the right one.

An expert witness experienced in offering advice to medical, nursing and pharmacy staff about all aspects of drug therapy in my day to day practice. An expert trusted to educate multidisciplinary teams, patients, relatives and carers.

An expert with vast first hand experience of the effects of many different medications used to treat many conditions.

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The Wrong Prescription

Medication errors are a significant source of harm for many claimants (and non-claimants!) They can cause life changing catastrophic harm and injury, not to mention the financial strain on all concerned. Problems can occur throughout the entire medication process – from prescribing, dispensing, administration, to monitoring of effects. The Role of the Clinical Pharmacist As […]

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