The Wrong Prescription

Medication errors are a significant source of harm for many claimants (and non-claimants!) They can cause life changing catastrophic harm and injury, not to mention the financial strain on all concerned.

Problems can occur throughout the entire medication process – from prescribing, dispensing, administration, to monitoring of effects.

The Role of the Clinical Pharmacist

As a clinical pharmacist it is my responsibility to ensure “the safe and effective use of medicines.” The role of the pharmacist has evolved greatly over the past few decades, so that the traditional view of the pharmacist in the dispensary checking dispensed prescriptions no longer holds true for the profession as a whole.

The clinical pharmacist is usually found at the patient bedside or in the GP surgery and is involved in all aspects of the medication process, from advising doctors on appropriate drug therapy, to ensuring systems are in place to promote safe prescribing and administration of medication, to educating patients, carers, medical and nursing staff about drug therapy.

You can download ‘The Wrong Prescription’ here (.pdf)